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What if the vacuum pump gets stuck?
To understand the reason why the central vacuum pump stuck, we must first understand the structure of the vacuum pump, vacuum pump is composed of vacuum pump body (cylinder body, rotor), oil tank, tubing, coupling, motor (motor) and other parts. We often refer to the rotary vane vacuum pump, there are oil vacuum pump, oil free vacuum pump two kinds.
Oil vacuum pump is lubricated with vacuum pump oil, vacuum pump oil in the rotary vacuum pump not only plays a role in lubrication, but also plays a sealing role, the pressure and flow of vacuum pump are to rely on the normal operation of vacuum pump oil to ensure. Vacuum pump oil during operation, through the vacuum pump oil vacuum pump oil pipe inside the tank to the pump body, inside the pump body before running back into the fuel tank, through the return line because the vacuum pump running temperature can reach 70-105 degrees, part of the vacuum pump oil will become the oil and gas, with the exhaust gas to vent, through no failure of oil mist separator (exhaust filters) came down, and back into the vacuum pump in the tank. To ensure that the vacuum pump does not become stuck due to lack of oil, we need to ensure that the vacuum pump oil amount is sufficient, the pipeline is unobstructed, the vacuum pump oil is not emulsified, no sludge can flow in the vacuum pump. (oil vane vacuum pump display)
How can we prevent vacuum pumps from getting stuck due to lack of oil:
1, regular replacement of vacuum pump oil, according to the industry, the quality of vacuum pump oil is different, and the development of different replacement cycle, in general 700-- 3000 hours to replace once, but also to replace the pu xu vacuum pump oil filter, pay attention to every time the replacement of vacuum pump oil to completely replace the vacuum pump oil, not just add. (filter display)
2. Clean vacuum pump tubing regularly.
3, regularly replace the vacuum pump oil mist separator, commonly known as the exhaust filter, to prevent the vacuum pump oil with the tail gas discharge vacuum pump, resulting in the reduction of vacuum pump oil.
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