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Here comes the dark horse of vacuum pumps
Vacuum pump field dark horse came, through extensive cooperation with atlas, SPECK, and other well-known international brands, to provide customers with high-quality, authentic vacuum equipment and professional vacuum system design, engineering, after-sales service! A large number of new processing centers, sophisticated testing equipment, to ensure the accuracy and stability of the product, the combination of machinery and technology, the user of the product experience will be greatly enhanced, in addition, the mature technical team strong innovation ability, can make the product in the performance and appearance of the superior. Thus, a vacuum pump field of the dark horse is about to enter the market.
The goal is to achieve the national top level vacuum pump. No matter the product structure, performance and appearance, have been carefully designed. In the future, we will launch many new products, intelligent vacuum pump is one of our key technology breakthroughs, so that customers have a fresh and fresh feeling, so that more users use intelligent vacuum equipment.
Each application field also expands unceasingly, the vacuum pump and the vacuum unit's demand is bigger and bigger. Due to the large number of pumps, processing and assembly workload is very large, affordable, so some foreign vacuum pump manufacturers in China to establish a professional factory.
Water ring vacuum pump
Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump
Dry screw vacuum pump
dry scroll vacuum pump

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